The Electronic Association of Parliamentarians (EAP) is a constituent division of the National Association of Parliamentarians and part of District 6. Organized in August 2017, the association was chartered in September 2017 at the NAP Biennial Convention.

EAP was organized after three electronic NAP units were formed and by a joint resolution from the Electronic Unit inviting the E-Grant and YP3U was adopted to explore formation. The Green Gavel Electronic Unit invited to participate in our charter. Since that time, that the Marian J Martin Blue & Gold Electronic Unit has also joined our ranks.

Our association is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity organized exclusively for educational purposes of studying, teaching, promoting and disseminating the philosophy and principles underlying the rules of deliberative assemblies. The association promotes the object and educational programs of NAP and serves as a home for electronic units of NAP which choose not to affiliate with a geographically based association.

As an electronic-based association, all business is conducted through electronic means as directed by the board of directors and membership.