Appointed Positions

Bylaws and Rules Committee

Lucy Anderson, PRP, Chair (GGEU)
Brenda Kennedy, PRP (GGEU)
Wendy Laufer-Rhodes (eNAP)
Weldon Merritt, PRP (eNAP)
Kendra O’Toole, PRP (YP3U)
Evan Lemoine, PRP, ex officio
Brandon Walters, PRP – Consultant (YP3U)

Education Committee

Dr. Ramona Marsalis-Hill, PRP, Chair (eNAP)
Robin Walthour (MJMB&G)
David Whitaker, PRP (GGEU)
Evan Lemoine, PRP, ex officio
Beth Sapp James, PRP – Consultant (GGEU)

Technology Committee

Paul McClintock, PRP, Chair (eNAP)
Evan Lemoine, PRP (YP3U, eNAP)
Wendy Laufer-Rhodes (eNAP)
Victoria Johnson (GGEU)


Brandon Walters, PRP (YP3U)


Evan Lemoine, PRP, Chief Webmaster (YP3U, eNAP)
Paul McClintock, PRP (eNAP)Assistant Webmaster (Meeting Technology, Web Content)
Wendy Laufer-Rhodes (eNAP) – Assistant Webmaster (Facebook)
Victoria Johnson (GGEU) – Assistant Webmaster (Database & Reporting, News & Articles)

Note: Consultants act as liaisons between the Board of Directors and the committee which they are assigned to, but they are not members of the committee.