Workshop Presenters

The EAP Board of Directors, Annual Meeting Coordinator, and Education Committee are delighted to present our speakers for our 2019 annual meeting.

While attendees are encouraged to attend all workshops, due to the timezones and personal obligations, attendees can select workshops at their leisure. Times presented are in U.S. Central Time.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rules versus Reality: Giving Relevant Advice

Whether serving as a parliamentarian for a large convention or for a small community group, a parliamentarian has an obligation to offer advice and assistance that is both on point relative to the rules but also pragmatic relative to the organizations or clients situation. Balancing these needs is not always a simple task. This presentation looks at the impact of a parliamentarian’s opinion giving and weighs what role that impact should play in offering relevant advice.

James “Jim” Jones, PRP is President of the National Association of Parliamentarians and chairs its Board of Directors. He also is a senior partner of BGE Enterprises, a management consulting firm that provides governance and strategic planning services to association, governmental and corporate clients. Jim is a certified mediator and specializes in conflict management.

The Parliamentarian as Expert Witness?

This workshop will discuss a parliamentarian serving as an expert witness in court proceedings. How a parliamentarian may be qualified to testify as an expert will be covered, as will how understanding the field of parliamentary law will be helpful in persuading the trier-of-fact in a court case.

Alison Wallis, PRP is a lawyer by day and by night her alter ego is a parliamentarian. Alison became a Professional Registered Parliamentarian in 2005. Alison holds a law degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. She was a prosecuting attorney for 15 years and worked for the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. She now handles post-conviction matters for the judges of Jefferson Parish.

Alison is active in parliamentary organizations and works to ensure members receive value from their membership. She is serving a second term on the board of directors for the National Association of Parliamentarians. She was President of the Louisiana Association of Parliamentarians and a two-term District Six Director, covering the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. She is Vice President of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers. She serves as a trustee for the National Association of Parliamentarians Educational Foundation and for the Dahms Memorial Foundation. Alison served three terms as president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians and is a Certified Parliamentarian-Teacher.

Alison is a frequent presenter, teacher, and trainer. She loves to show how parliamentary procedure can improve real life meetings and how parliamentarians can make their specialized knowledge practical.

WWYD: What Would You Do?

Have you ever received an email out of the blue wanting to know what you would do about a problem situation? This workshop will present 2-3 scenarios for your input on what happens next.

Darlene Allen, PRP, has been a member of NAP since 1998. She is a practicing professional registered parliamentarian currently serving as the NAP Vice-President.  

Darlene is a past president of the District of Columbia Association of Parliamentarians, the Sartwell-Tunstall Unit, and the District of Columbia Registered Unit. She has served as the District Two Director and Director-at-Large. Outside of NAP, Darlene has held various board and leadership positions in several community, state, and national organizations and associations. She is a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

Take Me To The Cloud: Managing Your Organization’s Finances

With increasingly diverse global memberships and boards, being able to take your organization’s records to the cloud is important to making decisions and for document retention. This workshop will focus on cloud-based solutions for managing your organization’s finances as a treasurer. Some solutions presented will be multi-faceted and can help those serving as any officer.

Evan LemoineEvan A. Lemoine, PRP is a Providence, Rhode Island-based CPA and has been a member of NAP since 2008, a registered member since 2009, and professionally registered since 2011. He was the charter president of the NAP Electronic Unit (2011), New England Association of Parliamentarians (2013), and Young Professionals Parliamentary Practice Unit (2017). He is a past two-term NAP Treasurer serving 2011-15 and served as the 2018 NAP National Training Conference Workshop Coordinator. He is currently EAP Vice President and NEAP Treasurer. He also serves as the Dahms Memorial Foundation Treasurer.

Outside of these parliamentary organizations, Evan serves as President of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is a member of numerous professional and personal organizations and is active in his condo association. In addition to his primary role as an audit manager for an insurance carrier, Evan runs a full-service CPA firm and is an adjunct professor of accounting at Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI), and the New England College of Business (Boston, MA).