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Dues for the association are $12.00 and are pro-rated monthly from your date of admission for the first year only. Primary members will pay dues as part of their NAP membership renewal. Affiliate and provisional members will receive their dues notice from the EAP Treasurer. Full-time students are eligible for a 50% reduction of this fee. Please refer to our rules for the current dues schedule.

In order to make sure the proper dues are remitted, if you join in the following months, please make sure you use the correct “discount code” for dues to be appropriately applied.

January – No code necessary.
February – JOINFEB
August – JOINAUG
September – JOINSEPT
October** – JOINOCT  
November** – JOINNOV
December** – JOINDEC

** After October, dues for the remainder of the year plus the next year are assessed. Your membership will extend for more than one year.

Application for New Membership

The Electronic Association of Parliamentarians offers three types of membership types based on whether you're a NAP member or affiliated with any of our e-units. We invite you to join our association today!

  • Are you a NAP member (passed the basic membership test)? If yes:
    • Primary members are NAP members who have notified HQ they are a primary member of one of our e-units or they wish to join our association with not unit affiliation. Your EAP dues are on NAP's invoice and are remitted as part of your NAP dues renewal cycle.
    • Affiliate members are NAP members who have another primary unit or association affiliation. In this case, your dues are to be paid directly to us through this form.
  • If no:
    • Provisionals have not yet passed the basic membership test but are actively preparing for it. Your dues are paid directly to us through this form. You can still affiliate with an e-unit if you desire. 

This application isn't for joining a local e-unit and therefore you should consult with each e-unit directly on their membership application proceduresThe EAP board of directors, in consultation with the respective e-unit board of directors, may reclassify your membership if you are not on their membership roll as of the date of this application. 

Application for Membership

All new member applications will be reviewed; however, please make sure all information is complete and accurate prior to submitting. 

Please confirm your primary member status in the NAP Membership Directory

You qualify for the student membership if you are an individual 25 years of age or less who is currently:
1. enrolled full time in a college program, high school, or home school setting; or
2. serving as active duty military.
Total Amount
Please enter a Username to create an account. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
Membership Information
Unit Affiliation
You must select your unit affiliation OR that you are a member-at-large.
For most individuals, only one item should be checked.
E-Grant Unit
Electronic Unit (eNAP)
Green Gavel Electronic Unit (GGEU)
Marian J. Martin Blue & Gold Unit (MJMB&G)
Not A Unit Member (Member-at-Large)
Young Professionals (YP3U)
Any applicable dues for this unit are paid to the unit's treasurer. We do not collect dues on behalf of these units.