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The Electronic Association of Parliamentarians is home to several electronic-based units each using different meeting technologies. If you are an NAP member looking to find a home, we encourage you to look for a unit which may meet your needs.

Please check back soon as we update this page with more information and content about each unit.

Electronic Unit (chartered in December 2011)
The Electronic Unit, or eNAP, was founded in 2009 with the intention of being recognized as the first electronic NAP unit. After the 2011 NAP Bylaws revision, clear language was added to the bylaws which allowed eNAP to be formally recognized in December 2011 as the first electronic-based unit. The unit meets monthly by chatroom and is governed by the member.

E-Grant Unit (chartered in 2017)
The E-Grant Unit was chartered in 2017.

Young Professionals Parliamentary Practice Unit (chartered in January 2017)
The Young Professionals Parliamentary Practice Unit was chartered in 2017 to provide an avenue for youth and young professionals to discuss parliamentary procedure. The unit provides an assortment of educational workshops and is governed by the board of directors who are elected by the membership annually. 

Green Gavel Electronic Unit (chartered in 2017)
The Green Gavel Electronic Unit (GGEU) was chartered in 2017.